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A New Sport?

A few days ago I’ve received a video with a new kind of entertainment. The images speak for themselves :) .
YouTube Preview Image

Apparently there are more who are trying this out:
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May 14, 2010   1 Comment

My Corsa(ir)

RecentlyI was able to buy a new car ,a Opel Corsa and until now i am very excited about this car,it is pretty spatious for a small class car,confortable,the interior craftmanship is pretty nice,the plastics used dont give you a cheap feel,it is easy to drive thanks to the progresive servodirection wich is “harder” or “softer” depending on your speed,the electronic stability control and braking stability control lets you take curves without any trouble at high speeds,for me it is a real pleasure to drive,I would drive around in it all day.

March 29, 2010   No Comments

Cheap Macros

-How much is the fish?

- Whaat? That’s very expensive, I can do better than that.

And indeed, it’s possible. I was wondering for a long time about the possibility to take good macro shots. All modern macro lemses are very expensive, for example – I own an olympus e-510, the cheapest macro lens for my camera costs around 350 USD.  So, the solution I’ve found for my problem, was to use old lenses adapted to DSLR cameras. Old lenses are operated manually – aperture and focus, but they help a lot in achieving great macro shots.  I’ve bought until now 3 lenses: a portrait lens f1.4, 55mm – 45EUR, one tele lens – f2.8 135 mm – under 20USD si a macro lens f1.7 – 50mm – 25EUR. I’ve also acquired an extension tube and two reversing rings.

The macro lens has a 1:3 magnifying rate. I can achieve 1:2 or even 1:1 by using the extension tube. But to go further than that is more difficult. I’ve read about the possibility of mounting two lenses together by using a reversing ring. One of the lenses is mounted “normally” and the other one must be mounted in reverse, on top of the first one.The lens with the longest focal length  must be mounted first and on top comes the lens with the shorter focal length. The magnifying ratio is obtained by dividing the two focal lengths. I like to use prime lenses – like this the 135 mm – first and the 50 mm – second. This setup gives me a ratio of 135/50:1, in other words 2.7:1 which is great. This could be used with modern lenses too, but it’s much harder because the lenses cannot be operated manually. So, for this kind of macro I recommend two primes linked by a reversing ring.

March 26, 2010   1 Comment

Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave


I will try to present a small review about this cordless mouse+keyboard kit from Logitech.

The first thing that caught my eye ,about this kit,was the interesting wave shaped design of the keyboard and Logitech’s promise that this keyboard is designed to fit the natural position of the fingers during typing,thus assuring a fast and precise typing.

valuriAs you can see,I hope, from the picture ,the wave shape of the keyboard is in length as in depth,some keys being lower that others,and some higher ,depending on their position on the keyboard,some keys also being inclined in one direction.I have to admit the from the first time that I laid my fingers on the keyboard I had the impresion that the keys come to meet up with my fingers giving me a pleasant time typing.The keyboard also has a lot of hot-keys wich can be configured to your liking ,from the software on the Cd,to do whatever action you want them too,open a file,folder or program.In my opinion this is a very succesfully designed keyboard .

rest pad

The lower part of the keyboard is a palm rest that reduces fatigue during long periods of typing on the keyboard and is very practical.


The laser mouse included in this kit is Logitech’s LX8 wich has 7 usable buttons.In my opinion they could’ve included a better mouse with this keyboard but this mouse does its job also,it is easy to hold and it will work on almost any surface,probably excepting glass.The thing I dont like about the mouse are the side buttons wich can be pressed too easily by accident,that is why I deactivated them from the software.All-in-all I’m pretty satisfied by this kit,price might be a bit high at 100$.

March 6, 2010   1 Comment

The way I quit smoking

My personal opinion is that the most important thing when you want to quit smoking is AMBITION,everything else is bullshit.Nicotine plastures,chewing gum,eating bombons or eating when u get the urge to smoke its like the placebo effect,its all in your mind that it helps,it is loads of crap,marketing.

I say this because ,when I quit smoking I did it in 1 day,I just said to myself ,from today I will not smoke anymore ,NOT 1 DAMN CIGARETTE,although I only smoked for 4 years in highschool,when i went to do a X-ray to my lungs,it was mandatory for college exam,the doctor asked me :” -Do you smoke?” I said , ” – I just quit smoking” then he says : ” – Well,boy you did load up your lungs pretty good” so its not so much how long you smoke but how much ,I did smoke because of almost anything,boredom,anger,when going out to drink beer,to cofee,after eating and pretty much when i had spare time.

Ok so going back to the way I quit smoking,1 of the exams for highschool diploma is sports,so when my couch told me : “- Boy if you want a good grade,you should quit smoking” I said to myself ,from today I’ll quit smoking and so I did and I didnt smoke not 1 cigarette since that day and I got 14 years of not smoking since then, and I know I won’t start again.

March 4, 2010   3 Comments

About Smoking


As we all know, smoking is one of the nastiest and unhealthiest habits. I’ve been smoking for more than 18 years, which is a very long time. I’ve quit smoking but I still find myself smoking from time to time. I think that smokers are more addicted to smoking than nicotine. Smoking is associated with a lot of activities and emotional states. Smoking integrates itself easily into our lives.


It’s interesting that smoking is associated with contradicting states of mind. We smoke out of boredom but also when we are preoccupied with something, we smoke when we are nervous or angry, but also when we are relaxed. We smoke to “kill” our appetite but also after a meal. The conclusion is that no matter what we do or how we feel – it is a good reason to smoke. And one other thing – smoking is associated with coffee and drinks. This is why it’s so hard for many to quit.

Giving Up Smoking

It’s hard to give up something you had for such a long time that you can’t even remember what it was like before it . We all know it’s better not to smoke, but how can we quit smoking when it’s associated with so many activities and emotional states? In order to give up smoking you need motivation. Most of the time, motivation based on health risks is not enough. I’ve tried several times to quit by motivating myself differently, but without success. My first attempt was due to some health problems which I had with my stomach. The first thing I used to do in the morning was to drink coffee and smoke 3 or 4 cigarettes. My attempt lasted for three weeks – until my health problem has gone away. I felt that I’m not addicted anymore, so I started to smoke one cigarette by day. I’ve made the biggest mistake – I started smoking again. Other attempts followed:
Second attempt – 10 days
Third attepmt – 2 months – I was getting better – :)
Fourth attepmt – 3 months – still getting better :) .
Now I am at my fifth attempt, the longest.
[

March 2, 2010   2 Comments


I’ve heard so many wows about this movie that I’ve decided to go and watch the 3D version. I waited a few weeks for things to cool down. I expected a lot from this movie. The 3D effects were not so different from other 3D movies. I was expecting to “feel” the action, by being “inside the movie”, the only thing was the depth of the screen. I think that the “revival” of 3D movies is just a new scheme to make a lot of money for “nothing”.
Avatar-Movie-Full-Video-Trailer Visually, the movie is great, however, there are some things missing:

1. Overused cliches, very predictable story.
2. The characters have no depth, are either good or bad, just like in thousands of other movies.
3. Fiction defies logic and laws of physics.

This movie is based on superficiality regarding movies. We like things that look good and we don’t really care for what’s inside. It sells easily because it fools you, thus the tendency to become superficial. We go and watch bad movies just because they are in 3D. It’s a commercial movie, produced to make money.

I recommend the movie to those who want to see something visually beautiful and don’t care about acting or story.

January 22, 2010   1 Comment

Some catches 2009

Without too many comment I’m gonna post some photos with caught fish last year.


Special “Fisherman”.



If I’ll find more pictures i will post them ,because there were more nice catches but it seems i forgot to document them.

January 19, 2010   1 Comment

Digital Photo – Some special pictures from my point of view

Like my brother said in his article about digital photography ,nowadays everyone can make quality pictures with a digital camera,but,you have to have experience and pacience to capture special pictures with your personal camera.As I purchased a better digital camera, a fuji FX-5800,I became drawn towards photography,seeing the capabilities of this camera,but I have to admit my brother is the expert on this from both of us ,so I will just post some photos that are special from my point of view.

Picture 791Picture 854

Meteora -Greece

Picture 927

“Fly fishing”

Picture 941Picture 578

Mount Olymp

Picture 487Picture 360Picture 073Picture 012






Toby’s Mom



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Dragon Age : Origins

This must be one of the best games I have played in 2009 and as a matter of fact one of the best games I have played in a while.Well I know that Bioware has produced a lot of good games like : Baldurs Gate series,Neverwinter nights series,Mass Effect just to remind a few,but dont they ever run out of ideeas?Lets hope not and that they keep releasing other great games in the future too.



The story revolves around “The Blight” ,the Horde of Darkspawn are invading Ferelden led by an Archdemon in the form of a Dragon and only the Grey Wardens can stop them.They are a faction of elite warriors which through the initiation ritual gain a unique ability to sense darkspawn and who’s sole purpose is to battle these creatures.At the early stages of the game you will be made an initiate of the order but the events will take an unexpected turn wich I will not divulge now ,cause I dont wanna give too many spoilers here.

Main Character

You can choose your character from 3 races ,Human,Elf and Dwarf ,also there are 3 classes : Warrior,Mage and Rogue. I found it a nice touch of individuality, the fact that depending on the race and gender you choose you will start the game in a different location ,with a different background and a different story until you join up with the Grey Wardens.

Class Development ,skills and specializations



The warrior as always relies on brute force,so strength is his main atribute,altough if you choose a sword and shield wield you will need some dexterity too in order to be able to become a master with the shield.There are 2 other posibilities to go for ,dual-wield wich means 2 weapons,one in each hand and two-handed weapons,weapons wich require both hand to wield.You can choose archery skills too,but i would recommend only basic skills in archery for the warrior class,if you spend too many you will not have enough points to specialize in melee combat.A hint though you should have a bow equiped as a second weapon on all character,you never know when they come in handy ;) .There are 4 Specialization ,but you can only choose 2 as you only get 2 points for this ,1 at level 7 and 1 at level 14,these are : Champion,Templar,Berserker And Reaver.Each 1 gives you some extra stats and a extra skill tree. [Read more →]

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