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Little “Tiny” lures from Salmo


I was surfing on the internet this summer,on a fishing equipment page,looking for some Rapala lures for my next “expedition” on the river Timis.I had some types in mind with which I already catched a lot of fish ,so I found them and made an order to a few different lures.Then I saw that on the first page,in the right corner there was a large advertisement to a new lure named Tiny from Salmo,I clicked on it and decided i’ll order 1 to try it out.

Good….at the end of the week ,after receiving the shipment,me and my father,whom I gave the “bug” for spinning fishing decided to go out fishing on the Timis river in a ,from us ,uncharted region to try out some of our new lures..On this river we mostly fish from the water ,casting our lures near the oposite bank under the treeline where the fish lay in the shade awaiting ususpecting prey,the river not being too wide on these sections.So we went in the water and started to cast our lures slowly going downstream ,my father went before me,we changed several rapala lures,but to no avail ,the fish just would’nt bite,altough we saw activity on the surface of the water.Well I said to myself: “hmm let me try that new Tiny lure that I bought”,said and done,I tied on my new Tiny lure.After a few casts with this lure I got some bites ,I caught some small fresh water perch,I was thinking,”tiny lure tiny fish”.So on my next cast I suddenly felt a strong bite and my rod bent like hell,said to myself ..WTF…I yelled to my father” Dad this is a bigger one!”,I could’nt quite see what kind of fish it was but I wanted to see it,so against my better judgement, I wresteled it to the surface to see it….I yelled again to my father: “it’s a Pike! bring the net to help me land it”…as he turned to come towards me to help the pike just rocketed out of the water,shook his head a few times and all I heard was a “woosh” as the line snaped,at closer examination of the end of the line ,I saw he bit it off and swimmed away with my Tiny.Now I understood what they ment in the description of the product where they wrote: “dont let the name and size fool you…Tiny is for big fish :) ”.


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